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My Gardening House grows a quality selection of well rooted gardening plants. We offer a selection of Epiphyllum, Hoya, Plumeria, Bromeliad, Indoor Plants and even some cactus.

Amaryllis Bulbs

Our amaryllis bulbs are not in season. Please check back in November. 

Plumeria frangipani

Plumeria also known as frangipani, grows to be a large flowering plant in the tropics. The blooms are beautiful, have an intoxicating fragrance and are easy to grow. Plumeria go into a natural dormant period so it is easy to grow them in containers and bring them in for winter storage in case of freezing weather.

Epiphyllum Orchid Cactus

Epiphyllums also known as Orchid Cactus do best in broken shade under trees during the hot months of summer, in winter they need protection from frost.
Flowers range from small sized to very large; color range includes white, cream, yellow, pink, rose, lavender, scarlet, and orange. Many varieties have blends of two are more colors.

 Hoya Wax Plants

Hoya's are climbing houseplants used outdoors in mild climates. They have thick waxy, evergreen leaves and tight clusters of small flowers and are commonly grown in sunny windows. A hoya plant does best in rich, loose, well-drained soil and blooms best when pot bound; they are usually grown in containers even outdoors. Do not prune out flowering wood; new blossom clusters appear from stumps of old ones.





Cactus and Succlents

Few people think of cacti living in some of the most humid conditions imaginable, but the very popular flowering cacti (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter cactus)are all in this group. Their appearance is very different from dry land cacti. Most have wide, flattened, green stems that look much like leaves, no thorns and are grown primarily for their profuse and colorful flowers.

Euphorbia milii, commonly called the Crown of Thorns, is modified leaves (bracts) found just beneath the flowers are quite attractive and gives the crown of thorns its colorful appeal, while the true flowers of the plant are small and unobtrusive. Most Crown of Thorns has stunning red, pink, yellow or whitish bracts. 

Brunsmanzia Angel Trumpet

 Brunsmanzia also known as Angle Trumpets are one of nature’s most breathtaking plants. The show stopping hanging trumpet shaped flowers of Angle Trumpet make this a delight for any garden and it is an excellent container plant that makes an impressive display for your deck or patio. Angle Trumpet is so named because it produces large, trumpet-shaped flowers that hang from the branches and bloom in arrange of colors from yellow, white, pink, apricot in single are double flowers.


Giving the gift of beautiful gardens!

Come into our gardening decor section, where you'll find yard art, water fountains, wind chimes, patio furniture, gardening tools, garden statues and sculptures, plaques and stepping stones, decorative vases, lanterns and lighting, plant stands and pots.

We also feature a large selection of gardening gifts for gift giving. Any of these will be perfect gardening gifts for the gardener on your gift giving list.

We custom make gift baskets for all occasions! You choose what's in your gift basket. Create your own personal selection of gift products. Shop our store, place your order, and send a gift basket message with your gift information. We put your basket together, and ship your gift basket with a gift card.

Our products are great for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, get well gifts, Christmas gifts (like a Christmas cactus), or gifts just to say you care. No matter if you're here for a plumeria or a spider plant, you're sure to find something interesting on our website.

For more information, please visit our blog at www.MyGardeningHouseInfo.com.

My Gardening House offers a quality selection of Gardening Plants, Garden Decor and Gardening Gifts!


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